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7 Years and counting 1R8154 will be better than a new car when its completed

Purchased in early 2012 XKE S2 OTS Chassis number 1R8154 was originally delivered from the factory to New York in early 1969

In June 2013 a year after arriving in Australia 1R8154 was sent to Glenn Olsen at E-Type Restorations for strip down and major body work.

Trial fitting all the chrome before the painters is essential to get the gaps right. All the Zinc and Chrome plating was by Sterling Plating.

In February 2019 after years of panel work 1R8154 arrived at the Re-Creation Automotive to receive its Gun Metal Grey Glasurit paint.

In December 2019 1R8154 returned home direct from the painters just in time to endure a COVID-19 lock-down in 2020.